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03/25. 2023

(1:30-3:30pm) 文殊法会&开光
(4:00-6:00pm) 文殊灌顶法会


Sponsors 功德主:
1. 功德主:$2000(一尊开光文殊佛像 +智慧心灯+加持结缘品)
2. 功德主:$300(智慧心灯+加持结缘品)


地址: 6491 Swift Ave, Richmond. BC
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电话:(778) 903-6618






Dear Dharma friends,

We are delighted to announce that on December 11 (Sunday), from 4 to 6 pm Vancouver time, Our Centre will have three compassionate Vajra Masters practicing the Heart Sutra Removing Obstacles for all sentient beings. 

The three masters will make an effigy for anyone who wants to remove obstacles. Please bring your and your family members’ fingernails, hair, clothes, etc. to the Centre. This is a very deep Dharma Practice. Practicing this Sadhana can powerfully eliminate all obstacles, pain and fear caused by illness, contagion, loss, accusations, ominous, negative emotions and karma, and remove the bad luck for the new year. 

This method has great power, there are many records of the removal of obstacles through this method in India, China,  Tibet and other places since ancient times.

This Sadhana has the power to remove obstacles and confer blessings and was given by Buddha Shakyamuni to Avalokiteshvara, down through to our present Root Guru. The  Sadhana was uttered by Buddha Shakyamuni following Indra request who was tormented by obstacles created by the four demons. Having created an effigy of Indra and the four demons, Buddha Shakyamuni captured and commanded the demons to cease all obstacle-creating activities. 

Likewise, we will make effigies, offer and do puja to remove people’s obstacles, suffering and fears created by negative emotions, diseases, pandemics, losses, accusations, bad omens, spirits, and negative karma. 

The Sadhana is open to everyone, all are welcome to join. Please feel free to make an offering of your choice, we appreciate your support.

Sponsors :
OM  Sponsor: $100  
AH  Sponsor:$500
HUM Sponsor:$2500




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